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Admissions and Requirements

All candidates wishing to apply for any of the Higher National Diploma Programmes should have National Diploma with at least Lower Credit/Merit pass in any relevant accredited Agricultural programmes plus a minimum of one (1) year working experience after graduation. The accredited Agricultural programme referred here includes the Agricultural Technology.

Candidate must also have credit passes in the relevant four subjects at WAEC (GCE), NECO, National Technical Certificate which are pre-requisites for admission into the National Diploma. The specific requirements for the individual programmes are as follows:

The General entry requirements for the HND Programme
       a)   Four (4) ordinary level passes at the credit level in subjects relevant to the proposed programmes of study at not more than two sittings as specified for admission into accredited ND programmes.
       b)   A minimum of a low credit pass in the cognate ND examination; and HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA
       c)   A minimum of one year cognate work experience for the ND diplomats with Lower credit, Upper credit or Distinction grade while an ND diploma with Pass Grade requires two or more years of cognate work experience before he/she may be considered for admission into the HND programme

To produce technically competent agricultural manpower to carry out extension work among rural populace and also carry out administrative and financial management of agricultural enterprises

       i)   Carry out extension work among the rural populace
       ii)   Identify signs of disease processes in animals and necessary first aid processes.
       iii)   Organize agricultural cooperatives and exhibitions
       iv)   Carry out financial survey and evaluation of a proposed or existing agricultural enterprise and make recommendations
       v)   Provide administrative leadership in all sizes of agricultural enterprises.
       vi)   Market farm products and farming tools and equipment.
       vii)   Assist in Agricultural Management research

The programme is designed to produce technologists who will be able to carry out soil survey and subsequent field and laboratory analysis to determine its fertility and apply measures to improve on or retain the soil fertility for agronomic use.

       a)   Carry out soil survey and soil classification
       b)   Determine soil fertility by laboratory analysis
       c)   Carry out biological, chemical and physical analysis of soil in the laboratory
       d)   Apply agronomic measures to retain and improve on soil fertility
       e)   Assist in research on soil fertility and improvement.
Admission Requirement

Candidate must have National Diploma in Agricultural Technology (General Agriculture)

Admission Requirement

Candidate must have National Diploma in Agricultural Technology, Agricultural Engineering Technology, Animal Health and Production, Home and Rural Economics or relevant NCE qualifications


The programme is designed to produce higher horticultural technicians who will be adequately equipped to apply their knowledge to increased production of fruits and vegetables; and other horticultural plants and will also be able to apply their knowledge in landscape design techniques and development

       a)   Plan, establish and manage commercial horticultural nurseries
       b)   Plan, establish and operate commercial vegetable gardens
       c)   Plan and establish parks and gardens.
       d)   Design, plan and execute the landscaping of premises, highways, walkways, etc. for aesthetics, erosion control, etc.
Admission Requirement

Candidate must have National Diploma in Agricultural Technology (General Agriculture)


The programme is designed to produce agricultural technicians capable of applying modern farming techniques in direct agricultural production.

       a)   Assist in planning and laying out al sizes of crops, animal and fish farms
       b)   Employ modern techniques in the rearing of different types of livestock on large scale
       c)   Employ modern techniques in Land preparation, planting, management and harvesting of food and cash crops
       d)   Assist in processing and storage of all agricultural produce
       e)   Assist in agricultural extension services
Admission Requirement

Entry requirements into National Diploma Agricultural echnology and National Diploma Horticulture are Credit passes in four (4) relevant subjects at WAEC, NECO, National Technical Certificate, or NABTEB, at not more than two sittings or a combination of any two. The four subjects include Biology / Agricultural Science, Chemistry, Physics, English Language, and Mathematics/Statistics, Geography, and Economics. Apart from the 4 credits, at least non - credit passes in Mathematics, English Language, and Chemistry are compulsory where Geography/Economics are considered

Certificate Courses

A minimum of two non - credit passes in any science subjects at WAEC NECO or both