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"I am I.A.Suleiman from Kano State, a staff member of the Division of Agricultural Colleges at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. I serve as a webmaster with the ability to design websites for the Division of Agricultural Colleges and Ahmadu Bello University at large. Additionally, I have expertise in data analysis and serve as a webmaster in both the Division and the University. I have actively contributed to various ICT services within the Division and the University, which include web application development, portal design, and the creation of computer-based testing (CBT) applications for examinations. Currently, I hold the position of Data Analyst in the Division of Agricultural Colleges and serve as the ICT Officer for DAC (Division of Agricultural Colleges)."

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    Hardware,software component Computer
    Maintenance and Engineering, Data Processing,programming and also a develop

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    Old Admin Block Division Headquarter, ICT Officer

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    Phone: +234 0829 3388 96
    Email: ict.dac@abu.edu.ng
    Email: dacabuzaria@gmail.com

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